Popstars the 90's Musical Audition Results

I want to start off by thanking and congratulating everyone that auditioned today.

The standard was very high, and you really made the job of the audition committee very hard. 

There were lots of strong and beautiful vocals, and some fantastic well practiced acting. Our only regret is that we can't give everyone a part, and that there is always going to be some disappointed people, but please please, don't take it to heart, we really were amazed by the standard and are sure you will all have a chance at a lea part in years to come.

Shannon - Charlotte Maryan-Lewis

Patrick - Edward (Woody) Fonnereau

Mark - Oliver (Ollie) Butt

Vinnie - Harry Ewings

Steffi - Katie Hawkins

Shane - Kyle Southcott

Tina - Elizabeth Brameld

Simon Austin - James Mogford

Charlie - Evie Moore

Ella - Emmie Clark

Carrie - Chloe Weston

Chef Joey - Dylan Verschoren

The Principal/DJ Prince/Host - Toby Edmonds

Trust us & stick with us! If you have any queries or questions please contact Graham on 07816603719 or email contacttjoc@gmail.com