T​iverton Junior Operatic Club was formed in 1978 by members of the Tiverton Amateur Operatic Society (TAOS), for the purposes of encouraging young people to gain an interest in music and drama, and to continue until they were old enough to join the senior society, therefore bringing youth into TAOS. 

TJOC meets every Thursday, and each member pays an annual subscription of £40 to belong to the club. The amount raised through subscriptions does not, unfortunately, cover the cost of putting on a show, but does help towards rehearsal room fees. Putting on a show every year requires vast sums of money, which are raised in a number of ways, including inviting sponsors and local businesses to advertise in the programmes, youth grants and fund-raising. Over all, however, a show has to try and cover its own expenses through ticket sales. 

TJOC is run by a committee of 14 people, which consists of 10 adults and 4 junior members (over 14 years of age). The club also has a constitution to ensure that it operates towards its original purpose.

TJOC meet every Thursday from 7:00pm-9:00pm although nearer show times we meet Thursdays 7:00pm-9:15pm and then on Sundays 10:00am-5:00pm. If you are interested in joining Tiverton Junior Operatic Club or would like to know anymore information feel free to contact us using the form on the 'Contact Us' page. 

Graham Stone


Wendy Tidborough

Vice Chairman

Pete Cousins


Jayne Dark


Emily Stone

Assistant Secretary

Chloe-May Weston

Committee Member

Abbie Weston

Committee Member & Child Protection Officer

Jane Thurlow-Ruotley

Committee Member

Coralie Day

Committee Member

Kai Damerel

Junior Committee Member

Ellen Trigger

Junior Committee Member

Harry Ewings

Junior Committee Member

Emily Dark

Junior Committee Member

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